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Fire-PI fire investigation is a Verified Federal Vendor

Rest assured that Fire-pi has substantial experience in all types of ag structures, such as barns, grain elevators, silos and more. Lorne has also investigated combines, tractors, front-end loaders, automobiles and generally anything with wheels.

Fire-pi professionally and forensically determines the origin of the residential and commercial structure fires. From small to large homes and multi-family dwellings, to commercial structures, such as strip malls, office buildings, bars, restaurants, and more, we've got your forensic investigation needs covered.

We are the only fire and investigation firm whose primary investigator holds an advanced education in forensics, post-graduate studies in the law and is court-certified as an expert witness, backed up by a 20-year Navy career. Most if not all other companies are staffed by non-veteran fire investigators with no formal forensic education.

When your assignment is accepted, Fire-pi begins with the end in mind. Every aspect of the investigation is documented and the chain of evidence is secured.

Dawn Fish, Chief Operations Officer
651-247-5884 | dawn@fire-pi.com

Lorne Brunner
MS-Forensics, CFI, Principal
651-300-3451 | Lorne@fire-pi.com

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